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How should a business owner handle a commercial dispute?

The above query in today’s blog post can be answered in a single word: carefully.

Some thorny issues with a contracting entity or other third party can ultimately be resolved in relatively civil fashion, of course, without the need to move forward and invoke a legal process.

Product liability case outcome has Johnson & Johnson on defensive

The jury has spoken, and what it recently concluded clearly has mammoth medical device and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson on edge and wary of future outcomes that don't bode well for the global enterprise.

What is obviously of material concern to J&J in an immediate sense is the $37 million verdict pronounced against the company last Thursday by a jury panel in New Jersey. That compensatory award could yet be further augmented by jurors' evaluation of punitive damages in the case.

Is this copyright infringement case poised for further fireworks?

When litigation involves super-sized technology companies battling over software with marketing implications in the online universe, it's hardly surprising that corresponding dollar figures are high.

Like in the billions.

Domestic violence is pernicious, even in the workplace

Company principals in all California industries are daily focused on multiple opportunities and challenges across every conceivable work-related sphere.

Here's an elevated concern: workplace-linked domestic violence.

Employee references a material concern for California businesses

A hiring manager from another California company wants to know about a worker your enterprise let go several weeks ago. Can you candidly respond that the employee was lazy, ethically suspect and not likely to be a good hire?

What if you like that individual, but know that he or she was accused several times by co-workers of questionable or flatly unlawful behavior (e.g., financial improprieties or overly aggressive behavior)? Can you simply remain silent to a prospective employer seeking reference-linked information?

Clear attorney general unanimity on this employment law issue

As a full-service Southern California employment law firm, Larson & Gaston advocates diligently on behalf of diverse clients in work matters that span virtually every concern and consideration. Our attorneys represent both employees and businesses in employment matters ranging from wage-related and hiring/termination issues to discrimination claims and more.

Moreover, we do so via negotiation, mediation, courtroom litigation and arbitration.

Court clear on sexual orientation protection in the workplace

The U.S. Department of Justice says no. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says yes. And now a second federal appeals court has lined up beside the latter.

The subject matter at hand can best be posed as a question, namely this: Does the seminal Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act include sexual orientation as a category that is protected against discrimination in American workplaces?

Google faces another lawsuit for harassment and retaliation

Google, the world-renowned technology giant, has had several legal problems lately. Known for its unique work environment, the company has still allegedly failed to maintain successful employment practices. Observers may recall that Google faced backlash last summer when a controversial memo leaked to the public.

Now, a female engineer has filed suit against Google for sexual harassment, disability discrimination and wrongful termination. The former employee claimed that “bro-culture” reigns supreme in the workplace, allowing male coworkers to harass women.

2018 could prove notable year for regulatory landscape

The regulatory sphere that oversees and guides the American business sector is "ever-changing," notes a recent Accounting Today article.

And that obviously makes it complex for commercial enterprises in Southern California and across the United States that must stay current on evolving trends and standards.

No surprise that litigation centrally marks employment law realm

We hope that there are several instructive takeaways concerning employment law on our website at the Southern California business law firm of Larson & Gaston.

We suspect that one thing central to the realm that likely jumps out from our narrative is employment law's sheer complexity. The on-the-job interaction between employers and workers encompasses wide-ranging matters. Moreover, the labor sphere is overseen by multiple municipal, state and federal actors. Further still, scores of laws complement, overlap and sometimes even contradict each other.

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