Could a truck driver’s health issues lead to a preventable crash?

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Preexisting health conditions that could put your company at risk

Successful transportation companies have to balance efficiency and profitability with safety. The desire to prevent collisions comes not just from concerns about a company’s reputation but also the financial responsibility the business would likely have for any crash caused by one of its drivers. 

Proper training for drivers is important, as is adequate maintenance of the vehicles in a fleet. Transportation companies also need to monitor the health of their drivers, as medical issues could potentially contribute to the likelihood of a crash occurring. Certain medical issues increase the likelihood that a driver could experience some kind of emergency and cause a crash. 

Non-performance is a leading cause of crashes

When looking at federal statistics about what causes semi-truck collisions, non-performance is the third most common issue related to a driver’s job. Those who fall asleep or experience a medical emergency while driving will lose control of the semi-truck and could cause a wreck. 

Certain factors, like a history of cardiac events, obesity and even sleep apnea may increase the likelihood of a truck driver experiencing a major incident while at the week that prevents them from doing their job as they should. Transportation companies need to carefully adhere to the rules for worker medical evaluations. 

Proper documentation of compliance with such rules can help mitigate some of the company’s responsibility if a crash occurs because of someone’s health conditions. Recognizing the risk factors that increase the company’s chances of having a driver at fault for a wreck they help managers and executives at transportation businesses make better decisions about how they operate the organization.

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