2 ways new technology can benefit a trucking business 

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Embracing new technology in your trucking can be difficult and expensive. It might be hard to see how it will benefit you and why you need to invest. After all, things are just fine the way you’ve been doing them right? 

With so much new technology and the advancements of AI on the market, it can make huge differences to you, your business and your drivers. 

1. It can make driving safer 

Technology offers many safety benefits. With so many trucks on the road and the pressures on businesses and drivers, accidents are unfortunately still common. This is contributed to by driver fatigue and unbalanced loads. 

Fitting trucks with driver alert systems for fatigue, as well as using wearable tech that can alert both the driver and business to tiredness, can help to reduce accidents on this basis. Forward-facing and rearview cameras can also be very useful in preventing accidents as well as providing evidence in the event an accident does still occur. 

Electronic stability control and automatic emergency braking can also help to bring a truck to a safe stop in the event of skidding and loss of control. 

2 It provides useful analytics 

Technology can give you data that you’ve never had before. You can use this information to make your processes more effective and safer. It can help you to track journey times and plan for the most effective routes to travel. This can result in cost and time savings for your business. The use of telematics can allow you to have vehicle-to-vehicle communications and assist you in developing the smartest scheduling solutions. 

Understanding how to best move your business forward strategically by incorporating the use of technology can be facilitated more easily with the assistance of a legal professional, particularly when compliance issues with the Department of Transportation are concerned.

Having a law firm with experience in transportation law is vital to protecting your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.