How do electronic logging devices help trucking companies?

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Nearly all semitrucks need to have an electronic logging device to remain in compliance with current laws. While some trucking companies might have balked at the cost when the requirement first began, there’s no doubt that these devices can greatly benefit the business when they’re used properly.

One of the most important things that trucking companies must do is to ensure truckers are complying with the hours of service guidelines and only driving when they’re able to do so safely. All too often, a crash will occur when the victim seeks compensation from the trucking company based on a claim that the trucker had driven too many hours. 

How does electronic log keeping help trucking companies?

Before electronic logging devices became commonplace, there was often an assertion that truckers could alter the paper logs to make it seem like they complied with applicable regulations. The electronic logging devices use a system of checks to ensure they’re accurate, which can prove that a trucker didn’t drive too many hours and had all the required breaks. This can come in handy if there’s a personal injury claim against the company, but it can also show that the trucking company is providing employees with appropriate breaks. 

Staying on top of your fleet’s hours of service compliance can be a challenge,  but electronic logging devices can make this a bit easier. It’s one way that you can help to protect your company from claims that a trucker had too many hours of service in the event an accident occurs.

Remember, cases involving semitruck crashes are often complex, so having someone on your side who’s familiar with the laws and precedents of this situation can greatly benefit your company if claims are made against the business. 

It’s vital to have a law firm with experience in transportation law on your side to protect your business. Contact us to see how we can help.