How costly are ELD violations for trucking companies?

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The electronic logging device (ELD) installed in a commercial truck creates a thorough record of when a driver is at the wheel and how long they have been working during a shift. The transition away from physical log books occurred in part because of how easy it was for drivers to alter them or even keep two different sets to avoid Hours of Service (HOS) enforcement efforts.

ELDs are a highly effective way to track when someone is on the road, but violations are still very common. Trucking companies may have a financial incentive to avoid such infractions because of how expensive they can be. How much might an ELD violation cost?

A single violation can cost thousands of dollars

The possible fines for ELD violations can reach up to $1,307 per day that the violation continues uncorrected. At most, a single violation can cost up to $13,072. There have also been fines proposed for ELD violations that would impose costs on both the individual driver and the company that employs them.

Additionally, ELD violations might result in a driver losing their eligibility for commercial licensing. They may be unable to drive for days or weeks, which can cost the company money. It can cost them even more to have to tow a commercial vehicle to a storage point and arrange for another employee to complete the drive.

Although there is expense involved in installing and maintaining ELDs as well as in training drivers and overseeing their use of the devices, doing so is often a wise decision, as it will help eliminate the possibility of large fine, unfulfilled contracts and drivers who can’t perform their jobs.

Remaining fully compliant with ELD standards and other commercial transportation rules is the financially responsible decision for a trucking company. If you’re facing potential penalties for alleged violations, it’s wise to have experienced legal guidance.

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