How do you deal with a copycat competitor? 

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There are very few markets that remain completely untapped. This means that whatever line of business you enter, it can be tricky to make it. It’s certainly possible though, with the right methods, technology and branding. These unique components of your business comprise part of your intellectual property. You have ownership rights to this and the unique aspects of your company cannot simply be copied. 

Unfortunately, rivals may not be aware of this. Or worse, they may simply not care. Your success puts them in a position of envy and they are trying to copy you. What’s the best plan of action in such a scenario? 

Don’t let copycat behavior consume you 

It can be very frustrating and damaging to your business to see someone else copying your hard work. You’re rightly concerned about this and want to take action to remedy the situation. However, it’s important to not lose track of what has made you successful in the first place. Continue to do what you do best and look after your loyal customers. They aren’t going to jump ship immediately, particularly if you continue to offer the highest standards of service. 

Try reasoning with the other party

There is a chance that the rival firm isn’t aware of just how close their branding has become compared to yours. Point out your areas of concern by talking to management. This might just be enough to convince them of their error so that they can continue in a new direction. 

Explore your other legal options 

Of course, not everyone is going to be receptive to amicable conversations. If copycat behavior continues then legal action may be the only way to protect your business. Make sure you seek some guidance before taking your next steps.