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To stand out from the competition, your business needs to be unique. This is where intellectual property comes in. Trade secrets are an important part of intellectual property. They relate to unique methods, practices, designs and processes.

If your trade secrets fall into the wrong hands, then years of hard work can be undone. The brand that is synonymous with your good reputation could be tainted. How can you protect your trade secrets? Here are just a few things that will help.

Training your employees

The first step toward protecting your trade secrets is to train staff about the importance of those secrets. For example, this information could be outlined in employee handbooks. You could also implement routine refresher courses to ensure that information stays current.

Limit access

It may not be advisable for all staff members to have access to trade secrets. Perhaps you only need to grant access to upper-level management. Information relating to trade secrets can be stored in safe areas where only select staff members have access. Maybe you could store this information online and utilize password protection?

Implement legal agreements

You’ll need to think about more than your employees when it comes to protecting trade secrets. You most likely deal with external entities, such as suppliers and consumers, every day. Trade secret protection is something that can be included in your legal contracts with external parties.

There are numerous ways to protect your intellectual property and help ensure that your company retains a competitive edge. Seeking legal guidance will give you an insight into the tools that can be used for these purposes.

Having a law firm with experience in intellectual property and business law is vital to protecting the interests of your business. Contact us to see how we can help.