4 tips for keeping your trucking company safe

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Due to their size, weight and the load they carry, trucks can cause accidents. For this reason, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) develops data-driven regulations and educates motor carriers on safety measures to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities involving trucks. 

Nonetheless, you should also ensure that your company is safe. Here are four tips that can help you:

Stay updated with FMCSA regulations

The FMCSA uses data collected from highways throughout the country to develop regulations. This means that they update them often. Thus, you should be informed by regularly visiting the FMCSA website and training your employees on the latest regulations.

Take the hiring process with seriousness

Hiring is crucial for any company, but more so for motor carrier businesses. Driving and managing a loaded truck requires skills. Therefore, you should hire drivers who are skilled in operating trucks and understand the industry. 

However, this doesn’t mean overlooking newbies, as you can train them. Essentially, a driver should not get behind the wheel for business purposes until you confirm they are ready.

Discourage risky behaviors

Internal measures can help you prevent risky behaviors, such as distracted driving, speeding and drunk driving. For instance, having a reliable payment system can discourage employees from aggressive behaviors. Performing regular drug testing according to FMCSA’s rules will also prevent drunk driving and so on. 

Perform regular safety maintenance

Your trucks should be in good condition at all times. Putting a truck with a defective or damaged part endangers other road users. Thus, professionals should perform regular safety maintenance on your trucks to ensure everything is in good shape. Further, when a driver informs you of an issue with their truck, you should solve it immediately. 

You can run a safe trucking company with practical tips.  It may be best to get legal guidance to avoid costly mistakes. 

Having a law firm with experience in transportation law on your side is vital to protecting your business. Contact us to learn how we can help you.