Trucking regulations require close attention from companies

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Trucking regulations are there to keep people safe, but what happens when truckers are faced with unfair circumstances? Trucking groups have been petitioning the Department of Transportation for more truck parking because there are not enough places where they can pull over safely on the road.

Distracted driving, drowsy driving and other issues are against trucking regulations, so it’s important that truck drivers do have the opportunity to stop and rest. When there isn’t somewhere to do so, it may force some drivers to continue on past their hours of service or when they already know that they’re starting to feel tired.

In 2019, a report found that 98% of truck drivers surveyed had regular issues finding safe parking. That was an increase of 75% from a previous report in 2015.

lack of parking makes the roads less safe for all highway and road users. Drivers’ health and well-being could be harmed, and productivity may be hindered as well.

Spaces to park can help drivers stay safe while in transit

Did you know that there are around 313,000 truck parking spaces across the United States? Compare that number to the total number of truck drivers in the U.S., 3.5 million, and you can see why this has become such a big problem.

Not having enough parking areas could lead to dangerous actions

Trucking companies and drivers are responsible for keeping up on regulations and sticking to their hours of service, but when there are issues with finding places to stop and rest, some may try to push on when they should not. This is a national issue and one that could be addressed to help truck drivers and their companies create safer passages around the country and to avoid crashes related to exhaustion or other issues.

Violations of trucking regulations are serious

If your company or driver is accused of violating trucking regulations, it’s important to be prepared to fight back against those allegations. Staying in regulatory compliance is essential for your business, so it can stay viable and continue to provide the services that are needed around the country.