Will self-driving trucks have hour limits?

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Currently, semi-trucks have a lot of different limits and regulations that must be followed. One of the most influential is the fact that drivers are limited on the number of hours that they can spend on the road. Breaks are mandated because it’s dangerous to have fatigued truckers behind the wheel.

But there has been a push lately toward self-driving trucks. Some have predicted that these will eventually account for up to 90% of the vehicles on the road. They’re optimistic about this because they think it will help to alleviate driver shortages. But could there be other benefits as well? Will those trucks have to face the same limits?

Unlimited driving time

One of the big benefits of self-driving trucks is that it is predicted that they would have essentially unlimited time to drive. They wouldn’t be bound by restrictions meant for trucks driven by workers. This would allow for trucks to be in motion “nearly around the clock.”

You can imagine how beneficial this would be for your transportation company, helping you to avoid violations and to get far more done with the same amount of vehicles.

But this is also a great example of how developing technologies can sometimes change the business world forever. Adhering to the regulations is one of the largest things that trucking companies have had to do over the years, and these regulations have sometimes shifted and changed. This has forced companies to adapt, and business owners always have to be conscious of the current rules. But technology may help to make some of these rules obsolete.

As the world changes and progresses, make sure you’re always aware of the obligations that your business has and the legal regulations that you do have to follow.