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Investors to Starbucks: Is your parental leave policy fair?

Tip of the iceberg?

In what has been called potentially "the first shareholder proposal calling for a company to rethink its policy on paid family leave," Starbucks is being pressured to publicly address a glaring gap that exists regarding a key employee benefit.

A key focus for many California businesses: their commercial lease

Many California readers of our Los Angeles business and commercial legal blog at Larson & Gaston have likely rented apartments at some point in their lives, or currently have an outstanding residential lease that they are complying with.


Looming litigation in the wake of a mammoth security breach

"So far, the alleged injury is vague, very indefinite for most people," says one legal analyst commenting in the wake of what has been described as one of the largest security hacks to have ever occurred in the United States.

Equifax fervently hopes that things stay just the same.

Online shopping sales tax issue: Will SCOTUS take the case?

Imagine politicians in one state purposefully drafting legislation to fail in its first assessment by a court.

That is precisely what has happened in South Dakota, with the national publication Bloomberg noting that a statute enacted by legislators there "was specifically drafted so the state's highest court could quickly reject it and send it up for U.S. Supreme Court review."

Background checks: a complex legal landscape for employers

For California employers and prospective hirees, this cuts both ways.

On the one hand, a hiring manager might reasonably be deemed to have a legitimate concern when a background check reveals a criminal record for a job applicant.

Business formation variables: getting those IP ducks in a row

An industry commentator notes in an intellectual property-themed article relevant to business startups that many entrepreneurs materially neglect paying timely attention to a critically important matter when they begin their enterprises.

And here is an additional thing, notes IP specialist Tom Kulik: That inattention is not confined to novice business actors with no real understanding or appreciation for the fundamental value of intellectual property; rather, even seasoned technology pros make a glaring error regarding IP as their companies enter the marketplace and seek to prosper.

Long IP slog in China: seminal trademark victory for New Balance?

Readers looking for a strong example of company perseverance in the Darwinian environment that marks international business might be hard placed to find a better representative than sporting shoe maker New Balance.

Indeed, New Balance has consistently displayed an aggressive and never-give-up front globally in efforts to safeguard its iconic "N" trademark, despite successive losses over the years that would reasonably seem to give company executives good cause for being fatalistic and more than a bit downcast.

Focus on emotional distress damages in FLSA cases

In the workplace, and as regards the interaction between employers and employees, the relationship is symbiotic.

That is, each side needs the other and engages in a balancing act of give and take. Labor exchanged for wages. Time for food.

An obviously big focal point in construction projects: cranes

We note on a relevant page of our website at Larson & Gaston, LLP, in Pasadena, that "commercial real property issues … can open up significant legal exposure and costs."

We further stress on that page that the sources of those issues are wide-ranging, including construction-related disputes.

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