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An obviously big focal point in construction projects: cranes

We note on a relevant page of our website at Larson & Gaston, LLP, in Pasadena, that "commercial real property issues … can open up significant legal exposure and costs."

We further stress on that page that the sources of those issues are wide-ranging, including construction-related disputes.

Why more retailers are becoming tech companies

When you think about Louis Vuitton, do you think of a fashion company or a tech company? When you pose the same question about food delivery company Blue Apron, do you see a fresh food provider or a tech company? The question over this distinction is becoming ever more common as more companies want to establish a footprint in the digital marketplace.

Innovation is the lifeblood of a business, so it is not surprising that traditional brick and mortar  companies see relationships with tech companies as the next logical step in their development.

Analyzing business failure to drive success, Part 2

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that a materially high percentage of businesses across the United States cease operations within a handful of years owing to various challenges that company owners either failed to perceive or simply did not adequately prepare for.

And, having noted that, we pointed to a silver lining linked with that reality (excepting for those many failed concerns, of course). We stressed in our August 7 post entry that, "Looking at failure in an instructive way can yield sharp insights and learned lessons for new business players."

Promoting business success through a study of failures

The glass "has to be half full."

In making reference to that in an article on entrepreneurialism and entity start-ups, the publication Business Insider means this: Any new commercial enterprise seeking to enter, profit and endure in the business world must have at least a modicum of well-placed hope for success. Entering America's rough-and-tumble commercial universe with, well, a glass more than half empty is hardly a recipe for downstream success.

Employer to pay $100,000 for rescinding job offer for new hire

Entrepreneurs looking for quality workers may struggle to find the right person for the position. Multiple rounds of interviews and checking with a number of previous employers to help confirm a hopeful candidate is the right addition for your team is common practice.

In some cases, an offer letter may go out and new information may lead an employer to reconsider the offer. An employer out of Florida provides an excellent example of what not to do when faced with this situation.

When it's right, franchising can be the ideal business vehicle

Diverse businesses across Southern California contemplate and sometimes pursue commercial activities across a nearly limitless universe of potentially profitable opportunities.

And proven business and commercial law attorneys help them explore those opportunities wherever they emerge, crafting sound legal strategies that both minimize risk and promote optimal outcomes.

Lawsuit alleges copyright infringement in new Tupac Shakur biopic

Protecting intellectual property in California is just as important for artists and writers as it is for large businesses and companies, if not more so. In fact, for writers, their written work is their product and their livelihood, and without protection of their rights to the profits from their creations, they might never receive compensation. A recent example is that of a magazine writer who has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit regarding articles he wrote about the late musician Tupac Shakur.

The recently filed suit claims that portions of a newly released biopic "All Eyez On Me" were borrowed from articles the writer had published. The writer interviewed Tupac Shakur for Vibe magazine in the 1990s and wrote several magazine articles based on these interviews. According to the lawsuit, a number of the unique fictional characters and narratives the writer reworked allegedly appear without permission in the new film based on the life of the late rapper.

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