Uncertainty Lingers Over What Employment after COVID will look like

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With reopening largely underway across the country there have been mixed results about whether the economy is rebounding as one might hope. Questions also remain about how the economy in the US and other countries will recover as pandemic related government support winds down. Another question is what employment after COVID will look like once the recovery is in full swing.

Most workers who could spent at least some time working from home in the time since COVID took hold. While many are now returning to offices, it appears likely many workers will not do so, at least not full-time. So what does working from home look like going forward?

We’ve already signs of it with companies like Zoom rising to the forefront over the last sixteen months. However, other companies are also looking to step up and fill the gap to make working from home easier and more secure. Along with the obvious benefits for workers being able to work from home, there are corresponding concerns. Companies may have security worries, as was seen with Zoom in the early days of the pandemic. There are also benefits workers will miss out on, with the concern that they will be out of sight out of mind to a degree and miss out on valuable socializing and networking.

Various start-ups, like Envoy, look to address these issues. The companies will provide apps and the like to assist with booking hot desks for employees who are only in the office part-time. They are also looking to provide more efficient and secure video calling tools for businesses and their employees.

As the way workers perform their job changes it will be vital for companies to keep up with the ever-growing options available to help with these issues. Allowing for flexible work from home options may help attract and retain employees and being able to do so in a way that works for the business will be key moving forward. Employment after COVID will have major shifts.

With the constant changes that can impact a business, a legal team with employment law experience can help navigate a difficult time for businesses, particularly with the ever-changing landscape for companies during the current crisis. Contact our office to discuss further.