Trucking Industry Continues to Experience Tech Overhaul

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It is all but obvious to recognize how much technology continues to evolve and change our everyday lives. This is a truth also keenly felt in the trucking industry. Given this, it remains important to check in and keep track of how the industry may be changing in ways big and small due to these advancements.

On the comparatively smaller scale, the evolution and rise of platforms connecting companies to drivers continues to grow. This change is deemed smaller only because companies like Uber have been involved in this type of work with Uber Freight. However, it’s also important to keep track of new competition. Specifically, in this case, Haul, a new company that recently raised capital for further expansion and development of its platform. Haul is looking to connect drivers and carriers similar to the way Uber does and plans to do so in a way it imagines can lower turnover costs for fleets.

Additionally, Uber is not just sitting back. Uber has teamed up with AscendTMS. The integration of the companies allows carriers to use the AscendTMS platform to connect with Uber. This makes for a smoother process and allows carriers an easier way to essentially hire drivers the way individuals do for rides around town.

On the larger scale, the trucking industry is of course a large part of the ongoing efforts to reduce climate change and lower emissions. With this in mind, Kenworth has developed prototypes for truck that can operate on zero emissions batteries for 30 miles, then recharge those batteries with a near zero emission natural gas generator while driving.