New Round of Closures Have Businesses Struggling to Adapt

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As states like California have seen a new surge in COVID cases, a second round of shutdowns is taking away some of the hope businesses may have had for an economic rebound. As businesses try to adjust, the changes range from the basic to the extreme.

On the simple end, Walmart announced it will begin requiring customers to wear masks in its stores. A decision that follows other large retailers like Best Buy. The more these large chains make decisions like this one, the more likely it is to spread to smaller businesses as well, in the hopes customers will feel safe enough to shop.

On the extreme end, however, many small businesses find themselves shuttering their doors, likely for good. In some instances, businesses managed to stay open in March, but with the second round of closures the burden has become unbearable. There is also the recent reminder that attempts to adjust to the current reality may help but also need to be done safely. This was seen in a Los Angeles factory’s initial response to the virus that had it change its apparel production to focus on masks; however, with three hundred COVID cases, the factory has been forced to shut down.

The constant uncertainty and attempts at flexibility also have many wondering how to plan for the future. One big question is how much working from home and working online remain a part of everyday life. And if it does to a large extent, how much retraining will be needed for the workforce? This training and online work is something many businesses will want to look into and potentially focus on to keep their business operating safely and consistently as we deal with the pandemic.

All-in-all, these everyday changes and reactions from all over the business world stress the difficulties being faced by every business. With so much in flux, an experienced legal team can help navigate a difficult time for businesses, particularly with the ever-changing landscape for companies during the current crisis.