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FLSA "Final Rule" and It's Injunction

U.S. Department of Labor addresses employment retaliation

Two ranking members of the U.S. Department of Labor recently discussed workplace retaliation against employees who file wage-related complaints, sending this strong and unequivocal message to employers in California and elsewhere across the country: Don't do it.

Documentation is vitally important in a job termination case

Whatever side of the matter you're on in a job termination case (whether you play a role on behalf of a company dismissing a worker or, alternatively, you are that worker), you will automatically look for evidence that documents and sets forth in a detailed manner the stated reasons to support a firing.

Employee versus independent contractor: sometimes a slippery slope

State and federal employment officials and regulators often take pains to walk a very fine line when discussing the use of contracted-for labor by companies across the country.

Looking at the at-will employment presumption

While most people would like to think that they have the ability to remain at a job as long as they like and leave whenever something better comes along, this is actually not the reality for many. Though some people have agreements with their employer that provide them some protections from termination, the presumption is that employment is "at-will."

Understanding California's Paid Sick Leave

In the year since California lawmakers approved a new paid sick leave law, legislators and state authorities have spent a lot of time trying to explain what the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act means to employees and employers. The confusion prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to sign another measure to amend the law to provide further clarification.

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