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Understand construction law to protect your rights

As a property owner or developer, you need to understand construction laws before you start working on any project. A simple dispute can be resolved amicably with the right information, but in complicated situations, your project could be dragged on for months or years without the right understanding of the law. Whether you're planning to create a large-scale residential development or want to make a claim against the defective designs used in your home, it's important that you have the right people on your side to help you get the compensation or protection you need.

Business owners say FTC crackdown on payday lenders is unfair

There is a famous saying probably all of you have heard which is: one bad apple spoils the bunch. The phrase suggests that the bad actions of one person can easily affect the group. And in the case of payday lenders, this statement couldn't be any truer.

Before signing a shareholders' agreement, get a lawyer's help

Imagine for a moment that you are a shareholder in a closely held corporation here in California. In order to have a say-so in the circumstances under which you and the other shareholders may transfer your shares (or be required to sell your shares to the corporation or other existing shareholders), a shareholders' agreement needs to be in place. If you are like a lot of our California readers, you may have only a working knowledge of business law and may be only vaguely familiar with shareholders' agreements. Unfortunately, this leaves you at a disadvantage because if presented with a shareholders' agreement, you might not understand all the implications of what you are signing, which could lead to disputes down the road. 

Enforceability of letters of intent not an easy question

Before parties strike a contract in a business transaction, there is often a certain amount of negotiation that has already taken place. Contracts are understood to memorialize the agreements the parties made during the negotiation process. Business negotiations aren't always clean cut, though, and sometimes disputes can arise over obligations the parties may have gotten themselves into before even executing an official contract.

Several wireless carriers hit with lawsuits over bill charges

Along with cellphone advancements comes a new dependency on our mobile devices to give us everything from our email to weather updates. With some third-party services, we can even receive other information such as our horoscope or a joke of the day in the form of a text message. But just like any service, these text messages cost money, which is something many cellphone customers across the nation say they were not aware of until seeing the charges on their bills.

Will franchising help alleviate Tesla's legal woes?

Did you know that in the United States, direct to consumer sales of motor vehicles are prohibited by franchise law? If you said no, you're not alone. As complicated as business law may seem, franchise law adds a whole other level that can blindside a growing company or business if they're not careful. Our Pasadena readers can see this happening with Tesla Motors at this very moment.

Business tortious interference can lead to legal action

Thanks to our nation's antitrust laws, businesses in the United States enjoy a healthy level of competition in their respective industries. This competition gives consumers a choice in the products they purchase or services they use. And for businesses, this competition pushes companies to create new products and services that will distinguish them from their competitors.

When does a business need a skilled lawyer?

Whether you're just starting out or have been in operation for a number of years, there always comes a time when a business or company will need the help of a skilled attorney. As many of our frequent readers know, business law can be incredibly complex. This is especially true when you consider the plethora of state and federal statutes that are applicable to everyday operations.

For litigation mix one part mislabeling with one part Coca-Cola

According to federal regulations, manufacturers must include an ingredient list on consumable products. These lists must clearly display what is contained in the product in descending order according to weight. This includes any chemical additives or preservatives as well. Failing to do so can result in accusations of false advertising, which can then lead to litigation. In some cases, depending on how the court rules, a business may be found guilty of false advertising and may even be forced to pay compensation in the event of a civil lawsuit.

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