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What should you consider before a business lawsuit?

Before filing a lawsuit, or being the recipient of one, there are a few different things one must think about. If someone files an allegation, take it seriously. Even if the allegations are false, not taking the case seriously could give them a foothold to actually pursue a successful claim.

Common legal claims between businesses

There's an old saying that a business isn't successful until it is sued. While there are plenty of businesses that are successful that have not been involved in a lawsuit, it is not uncommon for an enterprise to be accused of breaking the law. If a business owner is served with a summons and complaint, it may have a number of statements and accusations that may be untrue or difficult to understand (or agree with). 

Shareholders, partners: sometimes thorns accompany the roses

Smart and focused business entrepreneurs are constantly emerging in California and elsewhere with exciting new ideas that they seek to turn into profitable realities. In order to do so, they often band together as shareholders or partners in new enterprises.

The singular and complex realm of construction law and litigation

It is small wonder that construction law issues potentially and actually faced by property owners, developers, general contractors and other parties centrally involved in construction projects across Southern California are many and complex.

Tacos and tequila: good idea or bad idea for Taco Bell?

Far to our north, in the city of San Francisco, a new Taco Bell restaurant opened this month that is unlike its fast-food brethren. As some of our Pasadena readers may already know, this new Taco Bell boasts a completely new dining experience that - once its liquor license is approved - will feature two menu items not seen before in previous Taco Bells: beer and wine.

What is a deceptive trade practice?

No successful California business has a tunnel-vision focus on a sole concern or objective. The principals of any viable enterprise -- whether it be a financial firm, auto dealership, retail store or other entity -- are necessarily -- and always -- focused on multi-faceted and integrated objectives.

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