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Using temp workers loses some of its appeal

Recently, California enacted a new law applicable to companies using temp workers. Assembly Bill 1897, codified as section 2810.3 of the California Labor Code became effective in 2015. Under the new law a company using temp workers will be liable to the workers supplied by the temp agency for wage and hour violations. Previously, a company using temp workers was only responsible for certain types of claims when it was determined to be a joint employer.

The importance of adhering to wage and hour laws in California

In a post last week we discussed the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it affects employees across the nation, especially in the area of fair compensation for work done. According to the federal law, all nonexempt employees must be paid overtime pay for time worked past 40 hours in a work week. But as some of you may already know, California's hour and wage laws go beyond this rule.

Will there be legal issues for employers of fast food protesters in California?

In San Diego this week, as well as in other cities across the nation, a large number of fast food workers hit the streets to protest low wages in the food service industry, further raising awareness about minimum wage and the fact that it may not be sufficient enough to stay above the poverty line in many states.

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