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What kinds of intellectual property and protections are there?

Intellectual property refers to any creation, including things like inventions and art pieces, and how they are used in commerce. Any kind of intellectual property is protected by a series of items such as copyrights, trademarks or patents, depending on the type of property. These protective copyrights or patents also allow the person who created the property to be credited for it and to receive the financial benefits of its sale or use. If you have a trademark or copyright and the property is used by someone else, you could pursue a lawsuit requesting them to cease and desist or requesting compensation for using your product.

Someone put my copyrighted image on their site, can they do that?

The world of copyright law is a tricky one as we're sure some of our California readers already know. This is especially true when the fair use doctrine is applied. When fair use comes into play, as you may already know, situations can get complicated quickly. Difficult legal questions are often raised too, such as the one we pose in today's post title.

Does the Facebook 'copyright declaration' actually mean anything?

Even though people might not want to admit it, social media sites like Facebook are a major part of their day, often being the first thing they do when they get up and the last thing they do before they go to bed.

What the monkey selfie picture teaches us about copyright law

How often do you think about state and federal laws? If you're like most people here in the United States, then you probably think very little about how the law affects you from day to day life.

How to tell if you have an intellectual property case or not

Whether you're an inventor or a writer, an entrepreneur or an actor, protecting your creativity and innovation are probably incredibly important to you. This is especially true if you rely on your talent for your livelihood.

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