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Amazon settles contract dispute with book publisher Hachette

Thanks to huge advancements in technology, publishing has changed considerably in the last decade. Printed books and magazines have given rise to e-readers and tablets that offer the same product but for a fraction of the cost. But while technology has changed how people access printed materials, there is one thing that has remained relatively the same: contract negotiations.

Contracts in business law: non-compete agreements

In just about every industry across the nation, employees are required to sign a number of legal documents before they can start their first day of work. From income tax forms to a standard employment contract, these legal documents not only hold an employee responsible for following the law but employers as well.

Licensing agreements: what to know before signing a contract

New inventions are often considered to be the life blood of any business venture. The allure of new products and services drive public interest and along with it the economy. It's because of this, as well as the promise of turning a profit, that many entrepreneurs have gotten into inventing.

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