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Disappointing IPOs Could Mean Big Changes from Gig Economy on Out

After Lyft's rocky IPO, Uber hoped for better but found itself in just as much difficulty after recently going public. Unfortunately for the company, the trouble didn't stop there as Uber then posted a billion dollar quarterly loss.

A New Year Brings New Hope to Retailers

Despite untimely obituaries written for brick and mortar stores, your everyday physical stores staved off extinction. Lately, they've also started to pick up some wins over online sellers, as they not only defend their business models but also strike back. As we kick off 2019, these brick and mortars appear to be finding new hope.

Gap Inc. Strives to Benefit from Increased Diversity

Companies are always looking for ways to improve how well their business runs, and ultimately their bottom line. Over the years, many people have touted the positive impact diversity can have on a company. Now, Gap Inc. is doubling down on their efforts to build through diversity.

Planning for a business' future can be hard but a lawyer can help

When you were younger, did people ever ask you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Your answer probably changed as you grew because you started to recognize your talents and how they could play a part in the world. Like most people, you probably tailored your career to both your skills and the opportunities that were available.

Business owners say FTC crackdown on payday lenders is unfair

There is a famous saying probably all of you have heard which is: one bad apple spoils the bunch. The phrase suggests that the bad actions of one person can easily affect the group. And in the case of payday lenders, this statement couldn't be any truer.

Before signing a shareholders' agreement, get a lawyer's help

Imagine for a moment that you are a shareholder in a closely held corporation here in California. In order to have a say-so in the circumstances under which you and the other shareholders may transfer your shares (or be required to sell your shares to the corporation or other existing shareholders), a shareholders' agreement needs to be in place. If you are like a lot of our California readers, you may have only a working knowledge of business law and may be only vaguely familiar with shareholders' agreements. Unfortunately, this leaves you at a disadvantage because if presented with a shareholders' agreement, you might not understand all the implications of what you are signing, which could lead to disputes down the road. 

Could a quasi-franchise model work for your business?

The fear of the unknown is what keeps a lot of entrepreneurs away from starting up their own businesses. It's also what stops a lot of existing companies from changing their business models. What if the plan doesn't work? What if the company loses money too quickly and it is forced to close? Will litigation be necessary to handle disputes regarding investors if everything fails?

What are the benefits of becoming an LLC?

So you've decided to start your own business. Great! If you're like most entrepreneurs though, you're finding out quickly that there is a lot to consider after making this decision, especially when it comes to the law and how it will apply to your business.

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