Shareholder And Partner Dispute Attorneys

At any given time in an organization’s life, a shareholder, ownership or partnership dispute can arise. These issues may be caused by factors as trivial as personality conflicts or may be a result of more specific operations issues and/or actions conducted in bad faith. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a dispute, it is important to resolve them in a way that is most conducive to long-term business goals.

If you or your organization is faced with a shareholder or partner dispute, it is important to understand the full scope of all issues, as well as your rights.

At Larson & Gaston, LLP, our lawyers have been working with business professionals on business dispute issues related to:

  • Business direction disagreements
  • Underperformance claims
  • Allegations of fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Poorly drafted partnership contracts
  • Partnership and corporate dis-solutions
  • Misuse of business assets
  • Minority shareholder oppression
  • Enforcement of buy-sell agreements
  • Employment agreement litigation

We can help clients work through dissolution issues, including buyouts, regardless of circumstance. We have extensive experience working on behalf of both minority and majority shareholders, and partners on both sides of performance disputes.

In every case, it is our goal to help resolve issues in the most efficient and effective way, while protecting our clients’ long-term professional and operational well-being. This hands-on approach to tailored representation has yielded many positive results for clients with whom we have worked for years on end. We are prepared to bring it to your case, regardless of the issue.

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