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An interesting issue from the complex realm of intellectual property

Any sports fan who actively follows college competition knows just how huge a spectacle that can be at the so-called “D-1” level. Major top-tier programs across the country (one might quickly think of the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins for a local perspective) literally ooze money, with that being instantly apparent from their swollen game attendance numbers, product sales and other garnered revenues.

How Facebook is tackling intellectual property infringement

In the era of social media, companies have unprecedented opportunities to connect with their customers. However, with this inundation of information—that can be viewed and shared with the click of a mouse—comes elevated risk that a company brands could be misused or abused. May companies have developed social media policies, which dictate the ways in which their content may be used. However, policies alone have not proven adequate at thwarting the pervasive problem of intellectual property infringement on social media.

China takes strides to combat intellectual property infringement

For years, China has been known as a haven for cheap knock-offs, a veritable outlet mall of fake iPhones, Prada handbags and Nike running shoes. And it’s not just smaller items that are subject to counterfeiting; Chinese counterfeiters have been known to replicate entire American cars.

What companies can do to secure their trade secrets

Intellectual property can refer to many different legal elements. Intellectual property can be ideas, or tangible objects. They can be patents, copyrights, and trademarks. The umbrella that is IP law is quite a bit wider than many people may realize. Another area of intellectual property law that doesn't always pop into your mind when you hear the phrase "intellectual property" is trade secrets. 

Why more retailers are becoming tech companies

When you think about Louis Vuitton, do you think of a fashion company or a tech company? When you pose the same question about food delivery company Blue Apron, do you see a fresh food provider or a tech company? The question over this distinction is becoming ever more common as more companies want to establish a footprint in the digital marketplace.

Lawsuit alleges copyright infringement in new Tupac Shakur biopic

Protecting intellectual property in California is just as important for artists and writers as it is for large businesses and companies, if not more so. In fact, for writers, their written work is their product and their livelihood, and without protection of their rights to the profits from their creations, they might never receive compensation. A recent example is that of a magazine writer who has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit regarding articles he wrote about the late musician Tupac Shakur.

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