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Employee references a material concern for California businesses

A hiring manager from another California company wants to know about a worker your enterprise let go several weeks ago. Can you candidly respond that the employee was lazy, ethically suspect and not likely to be a good hire?

Clear attorney general unanimity on this employment law issue

As a full-service Southern California employment law firm, Larson & Gaston advocates diligently on behalf of diverse clients in work matters that span virtually every concern and consideration. Our attorneys represent both employees and businesses in employment matters ranging from wage-related and hiring/termination issues to discrimination claims and more.

Google faces another lawsuit for harassment and retaliation

Google, the world-renowned technology giant, has had several legal problems lately. Known for its unique work environment, the company has still allegedly failed to maintain successful employment practices. Observers may recall that Google faced backlash last summer when a controversial memo leaked to the public.

Can a person be fired because of a disability?

Employment discrimination is against the law in various circumstances, which is something for both employees and employers to know. For instance, employers aren't allowed to turn down a potential employee just because he or she has a disability. As long as an individual is capable of performing the job, he or she should receive a fair chance at employment.

Caution urged in wake of American Airlines ADA settlement

American Airlines and its largest regional affiliate, Envoy Air, recently agreed to settle a lawsuit that accused the airlines of denying accommodations to disabled workers. American and Envoy agreed to pay $9.8 million to resolve claims that they didn't allow disabled workers to return to their jobs or transfer into open positions when they had restrictions on tasks they could perform.

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