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Product liability case outcome has Johnson & Johnson on defensive

The jury has spoken, and what it recently concluded clearly has mammoth medical device and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson on edge and wary of future outcomes that don't bode well for the global enterprise.

Looming litigation in the wake of a mammoth security breach

"So far, the alleged injury is vague, very indefinite for most people," says one legal analyst commenting in the wake of what has been described as one of the largest security hacks to have ever occurred in the United States.

Business formation variables: getting those IP ducks in a row

An industry commentator notes in an intellectual property-themed article relevant to business startups that many entrepreneurs materially neglect paying timely attention to a critically important matter when they begin their enterprises.

Product liability scenario continues to play out for General Motors

For obvious reasons, the largest car manufacturing company in the United States is doing everything it reasonably can to stay ahead of a potential tidal wave of litigation that is imminently heading its way and the attendant liability of massive proportions it could trigger.

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