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Business-directed tax changes bring both benefits, some questions

We note on our website at the Southern California business law firm of Larson & Gaston the complex, multiple and interwoven challenges that company principals face as they go about their daily planning.

Know your plan to help your business succeed

Starting a new business has the potential to be a lot of fun, and it's probably a major dream of yours. There are things you should know as you begin. There are many planning steps that could help you on the path to opening a successful business.

Three tips to turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality

Does the upcoming New Year inspire new business aspirations? For some, this could include the possibility of opening up a new enterprise. There are a number of steps that need to be taken before starting your own business, but three tips to get you started include:

A key focus for many California businesses: their commercial lease

Many California readers of our Los Angeles business and commercial legal blog at Larson & Gaston have likely rented apartments at some point in their lives, or currently have an outstanding residential lease that they are complying with.

Analyzing business failure to drive success, Part 2

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that a materially high percentage of businesses across the United States cease operations within a handful of years owing to various challenges that company owners either failed to perceive or simply did not adequately prepare for.

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