Industries Strategize New Normal as Economy Slowly Reopens

by | May 15, 2020 | Business Issues, Business Litigation |

As states start to ease pandemic restrictions, most businesses are figuring out what their new normal will look like, not just in reopening in the short term, but long term as well. A move to online anywhere possible and the ability to be flexible both seem to be necessary tools for any company going forward.

Industries Strategize New Normal as Economy Slowly Reopens

Retail sales is one the largest areas looking to reopen and do so safely. Sales in markets like clothing have plunged and several companies have filed for or are close to bankruptcy, so the desire to open is strong. But it’s clear things won’t be back to how they were anytime soon. There are, of course, the very real concerns about whether consumers will feel safe going to stores or malls and also whether there will be a feeling of financial security to allow consumers to spend as they were before the pandemic.

Even before this, however, is the question of how to open safely. Many stores are looking to implement changes including restrictions on the number of customers inside a store, employees wearing masks, plexiglass guards, and hand sanitizing stations.

Part of this change is also the increase in online presence for stores, as consumers are likely to feel more comfortable buying without entering crowded places. This means allowing for more purchases online, curbside pickup, and working with apps like Postmates.

Beyond this, some industries are forced to rethink their model entirely to try to influence consumers to return. On top of the safety concern, movie theaters, for example, fear the pandemic will change their business permanently as there may be an acceleration of the move to streaming that theaters were already dealing with. This leaves some theaters considering new models to attract viewers. Some are looking to use their business to make more of a social outing of the viewing experience with event programming that may lean further into independent films with wine and cheese pairings with French New Wave films. All-in-all, the potential experimentation by movie theaters is something to consider for all business, as they may need to get creative to help bring in customers after the current health and financial crisis.

With so much in flux, and the legal requirements and potential liabilities uncertain, an experienced legal team can help navigate a difficult time for businesses.


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