COVID-19 Pandemic: Boom and Concerns for Technology Apps in the Time of Pandem

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Business Litigation |

Coronavirus abruptly and completely changed our lives. From a business perspective, this has caused tremendous difficulty across all sectors with furloughs, layoffs, and unemployment skyrocketing almost overnight. While many businesses struggle to get through these times, many technology companies and apps are primed to work as resources, especially for businesses looking to stay running and keep employees connected. However, even these tech companies are facing their own difficulties from the new focus on their services.

Connecting with others by distance is the new normal for the time being and programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are helping people do this in their professional lives. Other companies are also helping people connect in their personal lives as well, including those keeping in touch through online gaming and services like Twitch.

However, this new boon to these companies isn’t without its pitfalls. Zoom, in particular, has come under increased scrutiny. The app is being used all over the world for business to stay connected, but Zoom’s privacy policies are bringing new trouble to the company. Concerns over Zoom arose from issues like data being accidentally shared with Facebook without notifying users and has led to a class-action lawsuit, as well as interest from New York’s Attorney General. The new concerns have people wondering if they should, in fact, be entrusting these apps, with a company like Elon Musk’s SpaceX banning the program over privacy concerns.

With so much in flux, an experienced legal team can help navigate a difficult time for businesses, particularly with the ever-changing opportunities from the federal and state governments providing support to businesses to help them through this emergency.

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