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FMCSA Determines that California Meal and Rest Break Rules are Preempted

On December 21, 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) granted petitions submitted by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SCRA) requesting a determination that the State of California's Meal and Rest Break rules (MRB Rules) are preempted under 49 U.S.C. 31141 as applied to property-carrying commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers covered by the FMCSA's Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. Basically, ATA and SCRA argued that the MRB should not apply to commercial truck drivers because federal HOS rules already regulated driver breaks. The extensive public comments filed in response to the petitions and considered by the FMCSA can be found at the website.

The California Trucking Association Files Its Case Against Dynamex

As discussed previously on this blog, the Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court decision upended California's independent contractor market with a new test for whether a worker will be considered an employee. The new test was particularly problematic for the trucking industry. As such, several cases have arisen to challenge the Dynamex decision. The Western States Trucking Association (WTSA) challenged the case. Additionally, a recent California District Court decision determined federal law pre-empts Dynamex. Of course, there is a still a long way to go before Dynamex's fate is decided.

California Continues to Pressure the Trucking Industry Nationwide

Backed by many in the trucking industry, the Environmental Protection Agency is planning to implement new limits on commercial truck emissions. The new limits appear to be in response to California pushing ahead with laws of its own.

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