Clear attorney general unanimity on this employment law issue

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Moreover, we do so via negotiation, mediation, courtroom litigation and arbitration.

Notably, that latter process is decidedly in the news presently, given the buzz linked with a letter endorsed by attorneys general across the country that was sent last month to the U.S. Congress.

What has undoubtedly grabbed the attention of national legislators is the sheer unanimity underlying the letter’s demand. All 50 of the nation’s AGs say they want Congress to enact legislation outlawing the common employment practice of forcing workers to submit to private mandatory arbitration to settle on-the-job sexual harassment claims.

It is estimated that well more than half of all American workers engaged in the private sector must take a harassment claim to arbitration in lieu of pursuing it in a courtroom.

The attorneys general state that such a norm undercuts the public interest in a taint-free workplace. The attorneys contend that forced arbitration promotes a “culture of silence” that keeps bad conduct under wrap while simultaneously perpetuating it. They argue that arbitration-linked secrecy undermines the ability of victims to share information and pool resources to fight workplace wrongdoing.

Commentators on the letter are clearly impressed by its bipartisan backing. They believe that it will likely bring a timely and meaningful congressional response.

We will be sure to report to our readers across California any material details that emerge.

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