2018 could prove notable year for regulatory landscape

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

The regulatory sphere that oversees and guides the American business sector is “ever-changing,” notes a recent Accounting Today article.

And that obviously makes it complex for commercial enterprises in Southern California and across the United States that must stay current on evolving trends and standards.

Candidly, that is hard to do. We noted the arduous task in a recent blog post, stressing in our January 31 entry the “complex, multiple and interwoven challenges that company principals face as they go about their daily planning.”

There is much to be optimistic about concerning business opportunities and growth thus far in 2018 and looking forward. A massive tax plan has already been passed that is bringing benefits across a broad front for many businesses, especially smaller and mid-sized entities.

Coupled with the upside, though, are the above-cited choppy waters marked by regulatory uncertainty. The Accounting Today piece stresses business principals’ difficulty in knowing “where regulations stand now and how they may change moving forward.”

The publication notes some especially prominent regulatory issues that will likely loom large in 2018.

One of them is the aforementioned tax reform, which promises to be a boon to many start-up entrepreneurs and owners of established businesses. Still, questions abound concerning what might remain upcoming, especially concerning tax authorities’ determinations on qualifications and standards relevant to specific programs.

Then there is health care, with new policies and mandates continuing to emerge for California and national employers. The same is true for employment law, where an evolving interplay among local, state and federal laws continues unabated.

The above-cited article notes the “never-ending list of regulatory requirements” that command the constant attention of employers. A proven business law firm can help company principals stay compliant with current and changing rules and also take advantage of new opportunities.