An obviously big focal point in construction projects: cranes

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We note on a relevant page of our website at Larson & Gaston, LLP, in Pasadena, that “commercial real property issues … can open up significant legal exposure and costs.”

We further stress on that page that the sources of those issues are wide-ranging, including construction-related disputes.

A recent article authored by the insurance publication Claims Journal delves into one quite specific concern regarding construction-site risks and litigation that duly garners closest attention from industry actors ranging from site owners/managers to subcontractors

And that is, in a word, this: cranes.

More specifically, mobile cranes, which unlike so-called “tower” cranes, are driven to development venues rather than put into place onsite.

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of risk-related concern with those valuable construction tools, given their sheer size and cumbersome nature. A mishap involving cranes often yields adverse results that are truly outsized in nature. Crane accidents can topple structures, delay schedules materially and put a halt to financing.

And, of course, they can tragically link with the loss of human life, sparking litigation that spotlights wrongful death and serious personal injuries.

Although crane-related risks and accidents are obviously a notable concern at construction sites across the country, they are especially writ large in Los Angeles and the sprawling metro region that surrounds it. The Claims Journal cites LA as one of “the top three cities with the most cranes in operation in the U.S. at the start of the year [2017].”

A construction-project participant with questions or concerns regarding crane-linked risks and adverse outcomes — or any other issue relevant to commercial building — might reasonably want to turn to a seasoned business law attorney with construction industry experience for guidance and, when necessary, legal representation.

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