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A rare ruling on the enforceability of arbitration clauses

For businesses, arbitration represents an efficient and cost-effective means to resolve employment-related disputes outside of the courtroom. Rulings are final and binding with limited grounds for review or appeals. Final decisions are rarely made public, unlike court rulings.

Choosing a business form may also impact employment obligations

The choice of business entity can have far-reaching implications. In addition to affecting how a business might be taxed or whether owners might be subject to personal liability, a business form also impacts employment benefit obligations.

Chick-fil-A accused of violating Americans with Disabilities Act

Chick-fil-A, a popular fast food chain with franchises ranging across the U.S. from California to the East Coast, is facing allegations of employment discrimination against disabled job applicants. A 25-year-old autistic man is suing both his local Chick-fil-A restaurant and its parent company Chick-fil-A Inc. for claims that they violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The plaintiff asserts he was denied a job at his town's Chick-fil-A exclusively because of his autism.

Recent Decisions by the SEC: Confidentiality Agreements

At the end of 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it paid more than $20 million to a whistleblower who helped the SEC find fraud within a company where this person was employed. This was only the most recent award in a long and impressive track record that totals over $100 million that the SEC has paid to whistleblowers who have highlighted cases of securities fraud for the SEC to investigate. In fact, multiple other publicly held companies were forced to pay large settlements to employees who the companies had prohibited from sharing confidential information with the SEC.

Run-DMC sues Amazon, Walmart for copyright infringement

Artists, musical groups and companies - whether California-based, national or international - all have a few things in common, and one of those things is usually having a logo. A logo represents the group or company's personal brand and is associated with them, for better or worse. Protecting rights to a logo is important, especially when someone else is profiting off its use without permission. The musical group Run-DMC recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit for unauthorized use of its logo.

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