Startup considerations: IP strategy an important focus

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If you’re lucky enough to be part of a smart team of ambitious and enterprising California entrepreneurs, there’s probably a lot on your plate at the startup you’re either envisioning or actively developing.

Things are probably in a swirl, with product ideas and lines emerging with clarity and progressive refinement. A company “face” might also be coming into firm focus, with unique labeling and branding that will readily distinguish your startup from others in the collective public mind. You are likely working hard to establish proprietary rights over company creations and enhancements, in order to attract funding and, perhaps, other business partners.

All that activity and well-considered thought presupposes with a certainty that intellectual property-related matters and concerns are being fundamentally considered by you and your partners.

And that leads to this strong likelihood: IP protection is centrally on your mind, and from the very outset of business establishment.

And for good reason: As noted in a recent overview on the importance of obtaining intellectual property protection, getting those patents, trademarks, copyrights and additionally relevant protections in place “can minimize competition and act as a defensive mechanism against infringement claims from others.”

The above primer makes a fundamental point regarding that subject matter, namely, that startup principals need to act early and purposefully when filing for protections to safeguard their intellectual property.

And that is not something to be undertaken casually, given applicable time limits, the protective standards that are relevant to various types of intellectual property, and steps that might need to be taken periodically to ensure continued protection.

A proven business and commercial law firm with attorneys well versed in intellectual property matters can help with all those concerns.

IP is a most valuable business asset, but only when duly safeguarded pursuant to a timely and properly focused legal strategy.

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