Safeguarding intellectual property rights: why that’s so important

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2016 | Intellectual Property |

The attorneys at the firmly established Los Angeles business and commercial law firm of Larson & Gaston, L.L.P., represent a diverse clientele with passion and diligence across a wide spectrum of challenges and opportunities.

One of our practice areas is the realm of intellectual property, which we justifiably denote as being the repository for “powerful assets” owned by a commercial entity that are unquestionably among its most important holdings.

The bottom line with intellectual property — whether it is a trademark, copyright, trade secret and/or patented process — is that its owner must be ever vigilant in protecting it. As we duly note on our site, “competitors can and do seek to appropriate [IP] for their own gain.”

The United States has long had a protective legal scheme in place to protect the creative work product of artists, inventors and business entrepreneurs in California and nationally, and for strong reasons.

A recently released report from the U.S. Department of Commerce spotlights why a creator-friendly system is vitally important for IP, to both the immediate possessors of intellectual property rights and the nation as a whole. Here are two key reasons:

  • Industries deemed as “IP-intensive” entities (such as manufacturing companies and high-tech firms) have a massive effect on the national economy, accounting for many millions of jobs and reportedly contributing trillions of dollars to the country’s gross domestic output; and
  • Protecting IP rights allows property holders to profit from them and, pursuant to that process, research and fund new ideas that foster new growth and profit in the national and global economies

Clearly, IP is critically valuable and warrants strong protection. Larson & Gaston attorneys proudly play a role in helping business clients register and otherwise defend their intellectual property interests.