Common legal claims between businesses

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There’s an old saying that a business isn’t successful until it is sued. While there are plenty of businesses that are successful that have not been involved in a lawsuit, it is not uncommon for an enterprise to be accused of breaking the law. If a business owner is served with a summons and complaint, it may have a number of statements and accusations that may be untrue or difficult to understand (or agree with). 

With that, this post will briefly highlight some common causes of action raised against businesses. 

Fraudulent misrepresentation – This type of claim is brought to obtain monetary compensation when a company (or customer) relies upon a statement that was made intentionally and is materially false. Fraudulent misrepresentation claims can also be brought to remedy instances stemming from false representations made during the course of a business relationship.

Interference with prospective business advantage – When a business relationship has been formed, but has not yet been formalized through a contract executed by the parties, there are certain protections that are involved that prevent a third party from interfering with that relationship. These protections can be enforced through a civil action.

Interference with contractual relations – In the same vein, the actions of a third party in the attempt to violate or undermine the business relationship between two companies can also be remedied through a lawsuit.  

Unfair competition – Under California law, actions involving trademark infringement, false advertising, use of confidential information could be actionable as “unfair competition.”

Pursuing any of these claims may involve an experienced business litigation attorney.

The preceding is not legal advice. 

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