Business disputes: In the construction law realm, broad-based

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There’s an obvious reason why some construction law tomes and overviews are as thick as phonebooks: The subject matter they embrace is both complex and wide-ranging.

On a relevant page of our website at the Pasadena-based business and commercial law firm of Larson & Gaston, LLP, we refer to both the widely varied actors that we represent in the construction industry and the “wide array of claims” that can be involved in any construction-related matter.

As to the former, we provide impassioned and carefully tailored legal representation to the owners and developers of property, general contractors across a host of trades (e.g., building, electrical, plumbing and more), subcontractors and myriad other individuals and business entities.

As to the latter, well, the subject matter that can be at issue in a construction-focused dispute is breathtakingly comprehensive. Just a surface-scratch itemizing of possible considerations in a given matter includes things like the following:

  • Construction defect issues (ranging from problematic design and material installation to shoddy workmanship and code violations)
  • Land-use and zoning challenges from local, state and, sometimes, federal authorities
  • Challenges from other substantive areas of law, such as labor law enactments and environmental edicts and constraints
  • Contractual breach across a wide universe of performance-related issues

Truly, those above bullet points are but shallow depicters of the type and scope of disputes that can arise where a construction project is concerned.

Our goal in every matter we handle in this dynamic and complex area of law is unwavering. As we note on our website, “we seek to protect resources while minimizing exposure to risk.”

That approach, we believe, best promotes clients’ interests in every construction law case.

We stand by it and welcome readers’ close scrutiny of our firm and the advocacy we bring to bear on behalf of all our business clients.

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