Unsurprisingly, property often at the core of business disputes

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It is simply a given to attorneys of any longstanding and proven business law firm that securing and maintaining client trust is the optimal goal in every instance.

And the reason for that is eminently clear. At the Pasadena business law firm of Larson & Gaston, LLP, many of our clients are sophisticated business entities that face complex and stiff challenges across a wide universe of concerns. They know when they have a problem, and they know when it is fixed or not.

And when it is, they put trust in the attorneys that have worked diligently on their behalf.

We take great pride in being entrusted by many clients to protect their interests across time and in many matters, knowing that their reliance owes to a belief that our representation is routinely based on best effort and the many years of collective experience that our attorneys command.

As we note on a page of our website focused upon commercial property issues and disputes, a “client-centric approach to resolving legal issues has fostered close relationships with many clients for years on end.”

As we further point out on that page, many of those clients — both in the residential and commercial sphere — face challenging matters in the realm of real estate that run a wide gamut of concerns.

Whenever it is possible, our firm seeks to settle those matters in client-benefiting fashion through dispute resolution mechanisms that avoid the cost, time expenditure, uncertainty and other potential downsides of formal litigation.

The realities of the business world don’t always make that possible, though, with it sometimes being necessary for an individual or commercial entity to take a matter to court.

Every matter is different, and our attorneys always stand ready to discuss legal strategies that will resolve challenges in a manner that best promotes a client’s interests.

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