Focus: initial and ongoing legal considerations for a business

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One of the foremost considerations for entrepreneurial thinkers poised to put in motion their energies and business plan centers on the form of enterprise most appropriate for advancing their goals.

As we note on the Business Law page of our website at the Pasadena-based business and commercial law firm of Larson & Gaston, LLP, our attorneys always seek “to determine the full scope of the transaction or business-related issue(s)” that are centrally relevant to clients, and then use our legal experience to assist the business principals in broad-based ways.

Business formation questions are often of high-magnitude importance, given the benefits and singular considerations related to ownership structures such as partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies.

And, whatever form a business takes, fundamental concerns will always attach to things like contract negotiations and review, asset purchases, real estate purchase/sale or lease matters, corporate compliance, ownership of shares, buy-sell agreements and entity dissolution issues.

Much of an ongoing business enterprise’s commercial success can be traced back directly to the up-front work that was done through careful due diligence at its inception.

Put another way: Failure to expend the necessary time and effort to define key business considerations and fully address them through tailored agreements can fatally undermine the potential for any profit-focused enterprise going forward.

And just as important as getting things right at the beginning of a company’s existence, is keeping a close and watchful eye on important matters as that business evolves and grows.

Our law firm clarifies that focus by refe understanding “what is needed in the present while broadening the considerations and thought processes to determine long-term needs.”

We believe that optimal legal advice and representation flows from the unstinting effort to assist clients in a comprehensive manner that truly does focus upon both present and longer-range considerations.

We appreciate our readers and invite their online scrutiny of our firm.

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