Businesses: Take care and prepare your documents with legal help

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Many things a business owner does will require legal assistance. From creating contracts with other businesses, employees, or vendors, to leasing out property, owners quite often find themselves in legal situations. The advice is always that if the process requires signatures, documents, or other confirmation, a lawyer should be involved.

Here’s a good example of why a business owner should always have an attorney or legal aid on their side. Consider a situation where he or she has a contract with an employee to work for the next year. However, before that year is up, word comes out that the employee is planning on leaving the company before the contract is officially up.

Now what happens?

With legal assistance, the owner could enforce the contract or require the employee to negotiate out of the contract in a manner that is deemed acceptable. 

Or — let’s say an owner is looking to expand their workforce and update an employee handbook. There is no room for error with contracts, employment agreements and setting forth proper procedures in the workplace. Again, having legal assistance is critical during times of expansion. 

These are just two examples though, and the truth is, having an attorney is important throughout every step of a business. From formation to mergers — and everything in between — a business can greatly benefit from having someone on their side who understands its goals and how the law applies. Visit our website to learn more about how the lawyers at Larson & Gaston, LLP, approach business law.

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