Understand construction law to protect your rights

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As a property owner or developer, you need to understand construction laws before you start working on any project. A simple dispute can be resolved amicably with the right information, but in complicated situations, your project could be dragged on for months or years without the right understanding of the law. Whether you’re planning to create a large-scale residential development or want to make a claim against the defective designs used in your home, it’s important that you have the right people on your side to help you get the compensation or protection you need.

Besides litigation, there are other issues that can come up with construction projects. Are you ADA-compliant? Do your buildings meet the city’s codes and regulations? Is the land zoned properly?  Do you need a Conditional Use Permit?Are there environmental issues? There are many rating systems that you need to be aware of, and not taking them into account can mean big changes to your project when you may have thought it was already finished.

Your project goals matter. You have a timeline and a budget, and you should be able to meet those goals without the frustration of litigation or regulations complicating matters. To avoid these issues, understanding what you need to do as you develop a property or project is the first thing you need to investigate.

Our website has more information on construction law and how it could affect your project or home. Whether you’re looking to defend yourself against litigation, want to make a claim for defective home designs, or plan a new development, this is the right place to start looking at information about how to move forward.

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