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Sole proprietorship and your business responsibilities

A sole proprietorship is one way you can set up your business. It's also the most common, because there is no distinction between you and the business. As an example, consider a local photography company. The owner may be the only employee and may work out of the home. It would be normal for that person to be a sole proprietor.

Protect your intellectual property with copyrights

When you create your company, you focus on your goods, services, and assets. Your brand is designed to incorporate these items, and the intellectual assets you gather become very important to keeping up your business's appearance. You focus your time and energy on developing your branding through hours of research, graphic design planing and engineering. When you're finished, you've created an individual identity for your business that you don't want others to steal or copy.

Enterprise agrees to settlement in age discrimination case

It seems surprising in an era where people are living longer, healthier lives and working well into their late sixties and seventies that age discrimination would remain a problem, especially for 40 year olds. But, it is.  

Understand construction law to protect your rights

As a property owner or developer, you need to understand construction laws before you start working on any project. A simple dispute can be resolved amicably with the right information, but in complicated situations, your project could be dragged on for months or years without the right understanding of the law. Whether you're planning to create a large-scale residential development or want to make a claim against the defective designs used in your home, it's important that you have the right people on your side to help you get the compensation or protection you need.

What kinds of intellectual property and protections are there?

Intellectual property refers to any creation, including things like inventions and art pieces, and how they are used in commerce. Any kind of intellectual property is protected by a series of items such as copyrights, trademarks or patents, depending on the type of property. These protective copyrights or patents also allow the person who created the property to be credited for it and to receive the financial benefits of its sale or use. If you have a trademark or copyright and the property is used by someone else, you could pursue a lawsuit requesting them to cease and desist or requesting compensation for using your product.

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