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How you can boost your business plan

Your business plan is the first step toward creating a strong business that can stand up to changes in the economy and both positive and negative days on the books. You want to decide on your target market and show why the market will want to buy from you. You need to define your services and how you'll earn from them. Taking the time to create your business plan correctly allows you to know your profit margins and to prove to those who would fund you with loans or financing that you've taken the time to get to know your business before jumping in.

Prevent intellectual property disputes with thorough brand research

If you've worked hard to develop a brand for your business, then you know how important it is to protect your intellectual property. Brands are established to signify specific services, products and ideas, and if someone infringes on your intellectual property rights and creates confusion among consumers, then the consequences could be quite serious.

Force Majeure is a Challenging Defense to Per Diem Charges

We've written twice recently, here and here about per diem disputes between motor carriers and equipment providers. This issue heated up over the fall and winter of 2014-2015 when many disputes were submitted to arbitration by the motor carriers. According to a report from the Journal of Commerce this past May 2015, as of May 11, 2015, the Intermodal Association Of North America (IANA) had received 109 arbitration requests from motor carriers on the West Coast challenging per diem fees. This was about ten times the normal rate.

Actions that could be considered pregnancy discrimination

Some people across California, including business owners and individuals alike, may have read our blog post at the beginning of the year in which we talked about pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. For those who did not read the post, we discussed what pregnancy discrimination is and touched on the fact that employers who fail to follow state and federal employment laws could find themselves facing litigation if they discriminate against a worker because of their pregnancy.

What steps does someone need to take to dissolve their business?

Most business owners want their company to do well. Most will try their hardest to make decisions that will inevitably lead to financial success. But as you can imagine, sometimes the best laid plans don't always go the way we want them to. For business owners, this can mean making the difficult decision to sell a business or close up shop altogether.

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