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Why is the NFL relinquishing its tax-exempt status?

You may already heard that the NFL has decided to voluntarily relinquish its tax-exempt status -- a designation that the league has enjoyed for nearly 49 years. It's a decision that some within the public feel was long overdue, especially among those who felt that the league, for decades, had been intentionally "skimming millions of dollars from taxpayers."

Wal-Mart insists closing of Pico Rivera store wasn't retaliation

Because of the rising awareness of employment laws, many workers across the nation, including here in California, have started watching every step business' make. In some cases, a company may be under such intense scrutiny that workers believe the company is violating the law when in fact they are in full compliance. As you can imagine, this can create immense tension between workers and the company they work for. Sometimes, this can even lead to litigation as well.

SCOTUS sends Young v. United Parcel Service back to lower courts

Whether you're a business owner or an employee here in California, it's important to have at least a general understanding of business and employment law. That's because having a familiarity with the law can help you recognize situations in which a person or business may be violating the law.  More importantly, it will help prevent you or your business from violating the law.

Wal-Mart goes toe to toe with shoemaker in infringement case

We've all seen Converse's famous high-top sneaker called the Chuck Taylor All-Star. For some, this is a highly recognizable design, even if they can't tell you who makes the shoe. So, with it being so recognizable, is it possible for Converse to trademark the appearance of the shoe? 

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