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Business owners say FTC crackdown on payday lenders is unfair

There is a famous saying probably all of you have heard which is: one bad apple spoils the bunch. The phrase suggests that the bad actions of one person can easily affect the group. And in the case of payday lenders, this statement couldn't be any truer.

Raising the minimum wage in California

Every couple of years, the topic of minimum wage is bound to come up in conversations, pitting workers against political figures who may disagree on whether raising the minimum wage is a good idea or not. 2014 was one such year, which also resulted in a public address from the president who urged Congress to consider passing legislation that would change the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10, potentially affecting some 28 million Americans in the process.

When disputes arise over employment contracts

The conduct of an employee while they are with a business and after they leave the business can have some rather significant effects on the business as a whole. This is one of the reasons why business owners often put a great deal of time and energy into the content of their contractual agreements with employees. There are many types of agreements a business owner might ask an employee to sign when the employee starts with the business, such as an employment contract, non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Young v. United Parcel Service: Did UPS commit discrimination?

As Lenora Lapidus, director of Women's Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union, said it best, "pregnant women should never have to choose between their job and their pregnancy." As you may know, this was one of the very things that the addition of pregnancy discrimination to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act was supposed to put an end to. But as the case of Young v. United Parcel Service illustrates, such a decision is still facing women across the nation, even though legislation has been in place since 1978 to prevent it.

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