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Could a quasi-franchise model work for your business?

The fear of the unknown is what keeps a lot of entrepreneurs away from starting up their own businesses. It's also what stops a lot of existing companies from changing their business models. What if the plan doesn't work? What if the company loses money too quickly and it is forced to close? Will litigation be necessary to handle disputes regarding investors if everything fails?

Pregnancy: what businesses need to know to avoid litigation

A lot of entrepreneurs consider owning and running their own business to be an exciting adventure. Not only do you get to help your product or service grow and prosper, you get to dabble in other things, such as the law, which can be just as exciting (and important) as keeping your business alive.

Enforceability of letters of intent not an easy question

Before parties strike a contract in a business transaction, there is often a certain amount of negotiation that has already taken place. Contracts are understood to memorialize the agreements the parties made during the negotiation process. Business negotiations aren't always clean cut, though, and sometimes disputes can arise over obligations the parties may have gotten themselves into before even executing an official contract.

Using temp workers loses some of its appeal

Recently, California enacted a new law applicable to companies using temp workers. Assembly Bill 1897, codified as section 2810.3 of the California Labor Code became effective in 2015. Under the new law a company using temp workers will be liable to the workers supplied by the temp agency for wage and hour violations. Previously, a company using temp workers was only responsible for certain types of claims when it was determined to be a joint employer.

Does anyone own the rights to yoga?

If you've looked at the class list at any fitness center in the United States, chances are you've seen yoga listed at least once or twice. You can't even walk into a retail store without seeing workout outfits or mats specifically designed for this form of exercise. For a lot of our California readers though, this isn't surprising when you consider that in the U.S. alone, yoga is a $10-billion-a-year industry with more than 20 million followers.

Legal disputes brew as more craft beers join the market

For many businesses and companies across the nation, branding is incredibly important because it distinguishes a company from its competitors. This is true with both the company name and the names and images associated with their products as well.

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