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Several wireless carriers hit with lawsuits over bill charges

Along with cellphone advancements comes a new dependency on our mobile devices to give us everything from our email to weather updates. With some third-party services, we can even receive other information such as our horoscope or a joke of the day in the form of a text message. But just like any service, these text messages cost money, which is something many cellphone customers across the nation say they were not aware of until seeing the charges on their bills.

Per diem charges for containers a growing concern

Every year trucking companies in Southern California routinely pay thousands even tens of thousands of dollars in "per diem" charges to equipment providers in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.  These charges accrue on a daily basis for late returns of empty containers.  Since the Fall of 2014, however, the frequency and amount of the charges has soared as port congestion has made it difficult and sometimes impossible to return the containers on time.  Motor carriers are now often facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in per diem charges accrued over the course of a few short weeks this Fall.

What are the benefits of becoming an LLC?

So you've decided to start your own business. Great! If you're like most entrepreneurs though, you're finding out quickly that there is a lot to consider after making this decision, especially when it comes to the law and how it will apply to your business.

Five Important Employment Laws Every Employer Should Know

The law has always presented a unique challenge for businesses across the nation. Not only are they bound by federal laws but those of the states in which they operate their business as well. But owners and managers not only want to make sure that they are following the law but that their employees are as well. Oftentimes, this requires discussions with a skilled attorney who is able to explain the laws at hand and when a violation has occurred.

Someone put my copyrighted image on their site, can they do that?

The world of copyright law is a tricky one as we're sure some of our California readers already know. This is especially true when the fair use doctrine is applied. When fair use comes into play, as you may already know, situations can get complicated quickly. Difficult legal questions are often raised too, such as the one we pose in today's post title.

Does the Facebook 'copyright declaration' actually mean anything?

Even though people might not want to admit it, social media sites like Facebook are a major part of their day, often being the first thing they do when they get up and the last thing they do before they go to bed.

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