Actress Kate Walsh caught up in potential contract dispute

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As so many of our readers are aware, contracts are a staple in business settings. From agreements with other companies to employment contracts, the wording of these documents must be precise in order to avoid most major disputes.

But even the most well written contracts can result in litigation, especially if one party has a different interpretation of the terms than the other party. Residents here in California can see this happening for actress Kate Walsh who recently asked the court for its help with a potential contract dispute between herself and her former managers.

According to the former “Private Practice” star, she ended her contract with Evolution Entertainment because her ex-managers “failed to provide the services [they] promised.” Because she ended the contract more than a year ago, she does not believe that she should have to pay commission on some of her newer projects including her work on the television show “Bad Judge.”

Evolution Entertainment disagrees though, which is why Walsh has requested the assistance of the courts to help “determine the proper amount, if any, that she should pay to Evolution.”

As you may know, contracts, such as the one entered into by Walsh and Evolution Entertainment, often stipulate when a party can exit a contract and on what grounds. Doing so without fully understanding the terms of the agreement though can complicate matters and may even result in an unexpected outcome for one or both parties.

Because not all contracts are written exactly the same way, the help of a skilled lawyer may be necessary, especially if both parties wish to settle the dispute amicably and with relative ease.

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