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Lawsuit alleges copyright infringement in new Tupac Shakur biopic

Protecting intellectual property in California is just as important for artists and writers as it is for large businesses and companies, if not more so. In fact, for writers, their written work is their product and their livelihood, and without protection of their rights to the profits from their creations, they might never receive compensation. A recent example is that of a magazine writer who has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit regarding articles he wrote about the late musician Tupac Shakur.

What's in a "P?" Plenty, says a protective PayPal.

The time-honored and oft-litigated standard relevant in adjudging trademark lawsuits focuses squarely on confusion. That is, courts are routinely asked to consider whether an alleged infringing use of a protected mark is sufficiently similar in look and feel to reasonably promote confusion in a consumer as to the source of the mark.

Does a similar business name invite an infringement lawsuit?

It appeared that the Arthur Andersen and Andersen Worldwide network, one of the five "Big Five" accounting firms, was recently poised to rise from the ashes after the Enron and WorldCom accounting scandals. The network even announced its reconstitution under the company name of Arthur Anderson, although the legal name of the partner is MoHala Enterprises d/b/a Sundial Consulting. However, the announcement proved premature.

Run-DMC sues Amazon, Walmart for copyright infringement

Artists, musical groups and companies - whether California-based, national or international - all have a few things in common, and one of those things is usually having a logo. A logo represents the group or company's personal brand and is associated with them, for better or worse. Protecting rights to a logo is important, especially when someone else is profiting off its use without permission. The musical group Run-DMC recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit for unauthorized use of its logo.

Safeguarding intellectual property rights: why that's so important

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Unsurprising that U.S. Olympic Committee bristles over infringement

If you're reading this blog entry of the Southern California business law firm of Larson & Gaston on its posting date or thereabouts, there's a fair chance you might be splitting your attention between its subject matter and what's currently going on at the Olympic Games in Brazil.

With artists and their work, ownership is not always clear

Although some media reports of a presently circulating story regarding well-known entertainer Stephen Colbert are expressing a fair bit of surprise regarding its details, the tale actually focuses on well-worn subject matter in the entertainment industry.

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