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Product liability scenario continues to play out for General Motors

For obvious reasons, the largest car manufacturing company in the United States is doing everything it reasonably can to stay ahead of a potential tidal wave of litigation that is imminently heading its way and the attendant liability of massive proportions it could trigger.

Private Attorney General Act and Arbitration

Complex business litigation ends with bang: $500 million in damages

Although they asked for eight times that amount, the half a billion in damages that ZeniMax Media was awarded by a jury in a federal trial last week was welcomed, with the company's chairman telling reporters in the wake of the case that, "We appreciate the jury's finding."

Business litigation: What Los Angeles boards need to know

Recent news articles have brought Wells Fargo's Board of Directors under scrutiny. The company is involved in ongoing business litigation due to claims that Wells Fargo management coerced employees into the creation of thousands of fake accounts through unrealistic and even aggressive sales goals. As far back as 2013, the Los Angeles Times began reporting that the company's Board took no action to address or remedy these fake accounts. Since then, the CEO has been replaced and the Board of Directors restructured.

What should you consider before a business lawsuit?

Before filing a lawsuit, or being the recipient of one, there are a few different things one must think about. If someone files an allegation, take it seriously. Even if the allegations are false, not taking the case seriously could give them a foothold to actually pursue a successful claim.

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